Winter storm sets sights on mid-Missouri

Update: MoDOT has issued a no travel advisory in response to Tuesday's winter storm. Missourians are advised to stay home due to expected hazardous driving conditions.

A strong winter storm will take aim at Mid-Missouri Tuesday.

A light snow should start falling around sunrise as bands of snow move across the area. There will be little to no accumulation until mid-morning.

Starting late morning and into the afternoon, moderate to heavy bands of snow will hit mid-Missouri. Snow will accumulate fast with 2-4 inches on the ground by early afternoon.

By late afternoon, 3-5 inches of snow could be on the ground. Roads will most likely be covered and causing dangerous road conditions.

Heavy snow will start to taper off to light snow and eventually flurries by evening. At that point, winds will start to pick up and create blowing and drifting snow. This will also make traveling difficult with poor visibility.

The storm should drop between 4-6 inches of snow by Tuesday late night.