Winter storm 2013 doesn't faze road crews

Cars are still abandoned in Jefferson City after plows come through.

Cole County and Jefferson City road crews can finally rest Friday night after a long two days of preparation and clean-up of winter storm 2013. Both crews worked over-time to stay on top of the piling snow and sleet.

Jefferson City has 24 snow plows and all of them were used during this storm.

Cole County trucks used about 1,000 pounds of salt, almost a third of their seasonal allowance.

Some cars were still abandoned in snow banks along streets in the heart of the city Friday, but for the most part, everything but a few sidewalks has been attended to.

"Once the heavy snow did stop yesterday, our guys stayed with it last evening, and we did get through most of the residential areas before they went home late last evening. So today when they came back it was a matter of widening the streets and cleaning up intersections, those kind of things," said Jefferson City public works director Roger Schwartz.

In rural Cole County, gravel and back roads have all been plowed for regular traffic. Larry Benz, the director of public works for the county, said overall roads are back to normal, despite a few mailboxes being knocked over in the plowing process.

"Right now we've got all our trucks in. We were able to get through, we left last night at 8:00 and we kept the short crew of our part-time drivers running all night. They were able to help us get caught up...This morning we came back in at 4:00 and we were able to finish at about noon getting over all the roads."

Benz says he's already preparing for a possible winter storm early next week, and he's happy with how quickly his crew sprang into action over the last 48 hours.