Wine and Wind draws wine enthusiasts to mid-Missouri

Serenity Valley Winery celebrated National Wine Tourism Day with wine and food pairings, and a kite flying contest.

Wineries across the country celebrated the first annual National Wine Tourism Day Saturday, including the Serenity Valley Winery outside Fulton.

Serenity Valley decied to make their day special by inviting customers and their families to bring kites and picnic baskets to their sprawling, open property off of Missouri Route J in Callaway County.

Customers could taste a variety of different wines, enjoy food and wine pairings, and participate in a contest to see who's kite could stay airborne the longest.

The winery offered door prizes and a silent auction, and took the day a step further by donating some proceeds to charity.

Regina Ruppert and her husband own and manage the Serenity Valley Winery.

"We wanted to go one step further with this event and I wanted to make it a fundraiser. We're trying to raise money for a go-charger or a rapid charger for your cell phone and ipads for University Hospital ER waiting rooms. So we're really excited, one dollar of every bottle purchased today will go towards that," said Ruppert.

The winery is donating funds for the same cause next weekend when they hold a "photo day."