William Woods students get to see their own work on the big screen

Can you think of time you when you got to go to the movies and see your own work on big screen?

Well, these William Woods students now have.

"Basically we got a bunch of short films. Some action, some comedy, one documentary," said William Woods University Film Professor Jason Knowles.

There were all kinds of films for different tastes, even those without any video at all, like Adrienne Dickerson's radio play "Marina Nelson Private Eye."

"It was just a lot of fun to put it all together, and just do the research to make sure everything was historically correct, that kind of thing,â?? said Dickerson.

Anybody can put something on YouTube, but it takes a caliber of work to be shown at a local theater, and that's exactly what happened Monday night for William Woods students at Fulton Cinema 8.

Student actor Calvin Hawkins was glad to see the films get their due.

"You can make a video and put it on YouTube and get a million hits and be famous. But these are things we spend a whole semester, sometimes two making. Putting it on the big screen, and everybody, that's what they want to do, eventually, is get it out thereâ??