Will the web win the 2012 presidential election?

Newt Gingrich

The 2008 election saw platforms never used in previous elections. Facebook was a major factor during the 2008 election. President Barack Obama was the first to embrace the technology, having an active Facebook page and a website geared toward a younger audience. Already in the 2012 election, two candidates announced their intentions to run for the office on Facebook " both Barack Obama and Newt Gingrich. Other candidates have announced their intentions to run, but have chosen more traditional avenues for the announcement.Candidates for several state and national offices are learning to use Facebook and Twitter to get their message to younger voters. In President Obama TMs 2008 run for office, Facebook was used to increase the number of young people headed to the polls, a traditionally low number. While many felt GOP Candidate John McCain was behind the times during the 2008 election, candidates for the 2012 election do not plan to be in the same position. Herman Cain has more than 87,000 fans on his presidential exploratory committee page. Newt Gingrich sits with more than 130,000 fans. His official campaign announcement is featured prominently on the landing page. Meanwhile, only one name has cropped up for Democrats " a candidate who made Facebook his platform of choice during the 2009 election. President Obama has more than 20 million fans on his page, thanks to a head start during his previous election.Political pundits think this could be the year the web wins an election.Tell us what you think. Do younger candidates have an advantage embracing new technology? Will President Obama TMs head start give him an advantage? Will we see a closer election with many candidates using social media platforms this election season?