Who's congressional district will be left in the dust?

Missouri will soon have one less congressional seat after Missouri's recent population loss shown by the 2010 Census.

Census results said Missouri's population is growing at a slower rate than the nations average and the greatest loss was in St. Louis with a nearly 6% population decline.

About a dozen lawmakers gathered at the Capitol Wednesday afternoon.

The House Special Standing Committee held a hearing Wednesday afternoon to discuss redistricting and to unveil their proposal.

The only question is, which congress person will be the odd man out?

"The map is really very compact and I think the committee has done a very good job and I appreciate everyone's help over the past couple of weeks with your input and guidance on it," Republican House Panel chairman John Diehl said.

He went on to say not all of Missouri's congressional members are necessarily happy with the proposed map but said his committee did what they thought was best for the Show-Me state.

The committee proposed to consolidate the two congressional districts in the city of St. Louis into a single district.

Under the plan, newly-elected congresswoman Vicki Hartzler's district would no longer include Cole County.

However, instead take in Boone County.

Cole county would become part of Blaine Luetkemeyer's redesigned district.

Diehl said the map is only a starting point.

Formal public hearings will be held at the capitol Thursday and Monday.

What do you think about the propsed districts?

How will it effect you?