Who knew a visit to the vet could be so fun?

The title of this blog says it all. Shots, blood draws, poking, prodding, sickness all around youâ?¦ no one enjoys going to the doctor, except maybe Milo. I had no intentions of writing a blog about our visit to the vet, but he had too much fun for me not to!

Itâ??s been a rough week for the pup. First on Tuesday night he was gagging for hours into the morning. Then on Thursday night, all of a sudden, he couldnâ??t stop shaking his head. His big, floppy beagle ears were flapping back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. We felt so bad for him!

So today it was off to the vet. This is the first time Iâ??ve taken him to the veterinarian by myself. Jason and I took him to the emergency vet clinic once when he was a little puppy, but I havenâ??t taken him since. I had no idea what to expect.

Milo is such a friendly dog, so I guess I shouldnâ??t have been surprised when he wanted to do nothing but play and socialize while we were in the waiting roomâ?¦ even though heâ??s sick.

We didnâ??t have an appointment so we had to wait for about 45 minutes. That wasnâ??t an issue for Milo because to him the waiting room was more like the dog parkâ?¦ pups everywhere to sniff and play with! Most importantly, one of Miloâ??s best friends was at the vet.

Leo the German Shepherd lives a couple apartments down from us. He LOVES Milo. So much so, that every day he comes down to our patio door to see if Milo can come out and play. Itâ??s pretty adorable. Leoâ??s owner works at the vet, and heâ??s one lucky dog because he gets to go to work with her every day! So while we were waiting, she brought Leo out to play with Milo and made sure to tell all her co-workers that this is the dog Leo goes to see every day. I think that instantly made Milo a-okay in their book :)

But Leo wasnâ??t the only dog Milo got to play with. The vet we go to also boards pets so it was a revolving door of dogs and owners and chances for Milo to make another friend.

In all he met a little yorkieâ?¦ an Alaskan Malamute (gorgeous dog!), a couple other big dogs, and a little daschund puppy. I let Milo play with the puppy, who was absolutely adorable, and once again Milo proved to me how good he can be with little dogs. He was letting the little guy nip at him and walk on him. Good Milo!

Things did start to get a little ridiculous though in the waiting room. Milo was constantly pulling and tugging on the leash trying to get closer to his potential new friends. My arms and hands got quite the workout. When I wouldnâ??t let him get near the other dogs he would sit there and cry. Oh gosh, if you could hear his crying noise. Itâ??s not a typical beagle noise from what I understand. He sounds like a bird, chirping and whining.

Once we made it into the patient room, he proved something else to meâ?¦ how calm he can be when itâ??s necessary. I lifted Milo to put him on the metal table fully expecting him to squirm and jump down immediately. Not so! He sat there calmly and let the vet do what she needed to do, including draw blood and give him shots. Iâ??m so proud! He did better than I do in those situations. The veterinarian said most dogs do, haha!

The vet diagnosed him with an ear infection, a common ailment for beagle-types. Now I get have fun getting the drops of medicine in his ears!

Stay tuned for more!

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