White pleads not guilty to all charges

Christina White in this KRCG file photo.

It was another chance for Iberia TMs Christina White to proclaim her innocence in front of a judge Monday.

She TMs charged with setting her son Wayne TMs crib on fire in July.

He died about three weeks later of severe burns.

Judge William Hess would not allow cameras inside the courtroom for her arrainment Monday afternoon.

White pleaded not guilty to all of the charges she faces -- they include first degree murder, arson, and three counts of child endangerment.

White's public defender Keith Halcomb said White is maintaining her innocence and claiming that any statements she made to Miller County deputies were coerced.

Halcomb said, "This is a terribly tragic case. By all accounts none of this would have happened if the Children's Division of Social Services had just done its job. Had the Children's Division done its job, Wayne Jr. would not have even been in the house the night that fire started and my client would not now be charged with murder."

The Missouri Department of Social Services fired back Monday.

Social Services said, "The children's division does not have the authority to remove children from the home and there was no indication that the baby, Wayne Jr. Would have been harmed by his mother."

Halcomb also filed to get the case heard in another county.

That decision could be made in December.

White's parents, Walter and Charleana White also appeared in the same Miller County courtroom this afternoon.

They both pleaded guilty to the three counts of child endangerment.

Police removed baby Wayne and another child from their care after police found unsanitary conditions and a teenager smoking marijuana.

Walter and Charleanea White received five years probation.

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