White House official highlights clean energy in Columbia

President Obamaâ??s principal environmental advisor was in Columbia on Wednesday.

The White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair Nancy Sutley discussed renewable energy with community leaders.

Sutley joined Mayor Bob McDavid for a roundtable discussion on Columbiaâ??s efforts to support the Presidentâ??s â??all of the aboveâ?? energy approach.

Sutley said the Presidentâ??s plan doubles down on clean energy to save money, reduce pollution and create American jobs.

Sutley said, â??Itâ??s great to see whatâ??s going on here in Columbia. It seems like there is a real focus and commitment to renewable energy and renewable energy that works for the people of Columbia.â??

Sutley also toured Columbiaâ??s landfill gas plant and held a roundtable discussion with Mizzou students on the importance of student leadership in clean energy.