Where should you put your gun when you're not using it?

Monday a two-year old boy was laid to rest, after he fatally shot himself last week with a small caliber hand gun at his home.

The Lake Sun newspaper reports the little boy climbed on a table and found the gun while his mother was in another room.

This prompted KRCG TMs Facebook crew to speak with firearm experts Monday to find out where you can store your gun safely at home.

People use guns for sports, jobs, and protection.

But when you are not using them where should you put them?

"I generally keep my guns in a safe or up out of reach of children, Cole County Resident Robert Groose said.

"Just always keep guns put away locked and out of reach from children until they're old enough to have guns of their own, Cole County Resident Jeff Renken said.

The owner of Bob's Guns said people who have children should always keep their guns locked or in safe, because all children are curious.

"The first thing people want to protect in their home is their family. So if you're not protecting your family from that loaded gun than you're defeating the purpose right off the bat, Owner of Bob TMs Guns Richard Rehmeier said.

There are various ways to store guns, including a couple types of locks. There are trigger locks, cable locks, and safety locks.

In addition to a lock, put the gun in a locked safe, and store the ammunition separately.

Rehmeier said all his handguns are sold with a lock.

"Every hand gun we sell either comes with a factory lock or we give a free lock with it. So it's mandatory guns are maintained safe at home, Rehmeier said.

Even if you don't have a gun in your home all children should be taught never to pick up any gun they see, to leave it alone and tell an adult.

So tells us what you think. Should parents keep loaded guns in the house?

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Last week a Lake Ozark boy got a gun from his parents closet and accidentally killed himself.

This story has prompted KRCG to do a story on gun control and safety.

Coming up tonight at ten find out what gun experts have to say about keeping loaded guns in your house.

Tell us what you think about guns.

Do you think gun owners should keep their guns loaded or unloaded in their house?