When should you file an insurance claim?

Springtime storms have hit Missouri hard.

Hail, strong winds and flooding have all ruined property.

Some viewers tell KRCG they are afraid to file insurance claims for fear their insurance company will drop them.

Our Factfinder Team investigated and discovered that just asking about a claim could go on your record.

By filing too many claims, state law allows your insurance company to cut off your coverage. Non-renewed policies are common in Missouri.

Consumer Affairs Director for the Missouri Department of Insurance Angela Nelson said, You can be non-renewed for any number of reasons. It could be from having a catastrophic loss, a fire, a significant loss of any sort, such as theft or other damage to your home.

Our Factfinder Team discovered that just asking your insurance company whether a loss is covered could count against you, even if you never actually file a claim.

We also discovered that insurance companies keep a history of you that is similar to your credit report. It TMs called the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange, or CLUE. Insurance companies use the report to decide when to deny coverage or cancel a policy. The Missouri Department of Insurance offers these tips to help you avoid non-renewals. Be cautious when filing smaller claims. If your loss exceeds your deductible by less than $200, think about paying out-of-pocket. Stick with one company. Some companies give long term customers better service. Bundle your coverage. If you have auto and life coverage with your home insurer, your agent may not want to jeopardize that business by cancelling your homeowner TMs policy.

For information on how to get your free insurance claims history or CLUE report, click on the link below.