When are Amber Alerts issued and why are they canceled?

The Kansas City Police Department issued a Regional Amber Alert Tuesday morning for missing 10-month old Lisa Irwin.

But a little more than 12 hours later they canceled the alert.

KRCG viewers wanted to know why, given the fact that Lisa is still missing and the police are still searching for her.

So our Facebook Crew spoke with authorities to find out how amber alerts work.

Just drop her off anywhere, we don't care, just somewhere safe for she can come home, please, Mother of Lisa Irwin, Deborah Bradley said.

Something happened to 10-month old Lisa Irwin.

Her father discovered her missing from her crib early Tuesday morning.

Police quickly issued a Regional Amber Alert.

But 12 hours later they canceled it.

Police said it's because the urgency had passed.

"An amber alert is for immediate since of urgency. After about 12 hours it's kind of used up it's effectiveness. However that doesn't change anything we're doing at all, Kansas City, MO Police Department Captain Steve Young said.

The Missouri Highway Patrol told me, that is an appropriate reason to cancel an alert.

"The Amber Alert is meant to work for a short time after the abduction. So if no evidence has been found or no calls have come in with information, then they sometimes cancel the Amber Alert in some situations, MO Highway Patrol Captain Tim Hull said.

I also looked into what triggers an Amber Alert and learned that four things must be met before the alert can go out.

First police must reasonably believe an abduction has occurred, second the child must be 17-years old and under, third police must believe that the child is in danger, and fourth they must have a description of the abductor.

In the case of baby Lisa, a statewide alert was never issued because there was no description of the kidnapper. So the highway patrol sent out an Endangered Person Advisory.

"Even though we issued an Endangered Person Advisory, some where a long the lines during the investigation if more information is obtained, like a description of a vehicle or a suspect, we can upgrade it to an Amber Alert, Hull said.

The highway patrol must approve all statewide alerts, and often has to reject requests when they don't meet the criteria.

But the patrol said that is necessary to keep the Amber Alert System relevant.

If you would like to read more about the Amber Alert System please click here.

Preview Story:

Something happened to 10-month old Lisa Irwin apparently late Monday night.When her father arrived home, he checked on the family's two other children and when he went to check on Lisa, she was gone from her crib.

Right after authorities were notified they issued an Amber Alert.

They did this to alert everyone throughout the state and the country that Irwin was missing.

Police said that it appears someone entered into her bedroom through a window.

Just a little more than 12 hours later police canceled the Amber Alert. But why? Lisa Irwin is still missing and the police are still searching for her.

So today KRCG's Facebook crew is talking with authorities to find out how Amber Alerts work and when are they issued.