What's the next step for Cole Co. sewage leak?

Cole Co. officials say sewage is leaking from this residence into nearby drains.

Members of the Cole County Commission are trying to figure out the next step to stop sewage from leaking from a residence into nearby drainage ditches.

Once the county confirmed the leak on Landing Creek Road through an investigation, they turned the findings over to Cole County prosecuting attorney Mark Richardson.

According to Cole County presiding commissioner Marc Ellinger, Richardson refused to take on the case.

Ellinger said the county asked twice, and Richardson refused twice.

"All the county has the authority to do is investigate it and send the report to the prosecuting attorney. We even offered to have our own attorney take the case so that the prosecutor's office would be out no time, expense, cost, anything, and the prosecutor refused to do that also," Ellinger said.

KRCG 13 left a message with Richardson's secretary, but has not heard back at this time.

The commission this week wrote to Attorney General Chris Koster, asking him to either take the case or compel Richardson to do so.

Ellinger hopes to hear back from Koster either this week or next week.

One neighbor, who wished not to be identified, said they were pleased to know Koster had been notified because they believe he will get something done.

In the mean time, Ellinger said the best thing Cole County residents can do is contact their elected officials and request action.