What will winter weather bring in Mid-Missouri?

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Updated at 10:15pm, Tuesday October 11th:

Just like last winter, the weather in the United States will be influenced by a La Nia in the eastern Pacific. That and other factors caused one of the snowiest Mid-Missouri winters on record.

However this year, La Nia will not be as strong. So how are things setting up for this winter? It depends on who you ask. The forecasters over at Accuweather are expecting Mid-Missouri to be split between a snowy and icy winter.

The Climate Prediction Center currently has us outlined for a near normal temperatures and precipitation.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tony Lupo, from the University of Missouri, has a forecast for a slightly cooler and drier Mid-Missouri winter. There seems to be little agreement between scientists for the winter ahead.

The best advice is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. And in the coming weeks, we'll update you on new winter forecasts for our region.

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Between August and October, long-range weather forecasters begin predicting winter weather for the various parts of the country.What do these forecasters predict for Mid-Missouri?As usual in Mid-Missouri, if you wait an hour, it changes.In August, the Farmers' Almanac predicted a wet winter for Missouri and the rest of the north Central U.S. The good news -- average temperatures.But Tuesday morning, released their full winter predictions and has Mid-Missouri right on a line, between high snowfall totals and more ice than snow.Tonight at 10, KRCG meteorologists will look at winter predictions and give us their prediction for this winter.