"What to Expect When You're Expecting"

When you find out you're pregnant, everything changes. From your eating habits...

"A lot of women talk about cravings. On the flip side some women can get nauseous by particular smells.

To your weight...

"The majority of women feel the strain on their body. It's an incredible amount of change in a short period of time, faster than itâ??s ever change before."

And with the changes, Dr. Matt Borgmeyer, of Womenâ??s Health Associates, says comes a whole of questions.

The number one question he hears: Is it okay to exercise?

"Yes, it's fine to exercise. You may just want to tone it down."

What about painting the nursery? Is Dr. Borgmeyer on board with that?

"Well, it depends if you want to paint. If you don't want to, tell your husband I said you can't. But otherwise, it's perfectly fine."

Those questions and the many other challenges of pregnancy and motherhood is why Stacy Welling, president of Whaleyâ??s Pharmacy, founded â??Mommy and Meâ?? in 2008.

â??With my first experience, I didn't have something like that. I had my mom and her experiences. But I was really the first of my friends here who had a baby; so there wasn't that network of people."

Stacy says in addition to a network of mommies, they have remedies at Whaleyâ??s to deal with the all too familiar nausea.

"One is called the "Preggie Pop" in either sucker form or a lozenge that helps to decrease that issue."

She says discomfort doesn't have to be a part of your daily pregnant life.

"We carry products like pregnancy pillows, support panty-hose, support belts."

Stacy says moms should spoil themselves, and have a little fun with the pregnancy.

"It makes you look forward to delivery day. Feeling good about yourself through the whole experience is very important."

Both pregnancy experts agree: read up to get your self prepared, talk with other women about their experiences and when in doubt- ask your doctor.

On a related note, Kate Lauman announced during the 5 p.m. news on Wednesday she and her husband are expecting their first child in the fall.