What should the punishment be for repeat DWI offenders?

Boone County Sheriff's deputies will be cracking down on drunk drivers in the upcoming weeks.

A state and federal grant is helping them beef up patrols until September 5th, the end of the Labor Day holiday weekend.

KRCG TMs Facebook Crew talked with another county sheriff Tuesday to find out what other local law authorities are doing to make sure drunk drivers stay off the streets.

According to the web site drinking and, almost a million people are arrested every year in America for Driving While Intoxicated.

A third of those arrested for Driving While Intoxicated are repeat offenders.

Cole County Sheriff Greg White told me patrolling roads randomly is one way to catch drunk drivers. But teaming up with other officers offers much more enforcement power.

"We always use wolf packs and check points to catch those drinking and driving. Both have been very successful for us, especially when you look at the continued significant reduction in motor vehicle alcohol related fatalities, Cole County Sheriff Greg White said.

White said another helpful tool that helps get drunk drivers off the streets is breath and blood tests.

"You have the right to refuse a breath test. If you choose to do that your license is going to get administratively suspended over that. In addition to that if you refuse, we're going to turn right around and apply for a search warrant for your blood; and then we'll get your alcohol level anyways, White said.

If you are convicted of driving while intoxicated more than once, the Cole County Prosecuting Attorney said your license can be revoked up to 5-years.

"The person is most often given a shock treatment in jail or prison. Then they're usually put on parole or probation that last up to 5 years, Cole County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Richardson said.

"Don TMt drink and drive. Just don't drive. It TMs not worth living with that fallout for the rest of your life, White said.

Tell us what you think. Do you think repeat DWI offenders need harsher punishments?

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If you head out on the town and have a few drinks, do you think twice about driving home? Law enforcement officials say you should because they're trying to crack down on drunk drivers.

But what exactly do they do to stop people from getting behind the wheel while under the influence?

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