What happened when? Bustamante's timeline

Friday, Oct. 16

Friday Oct. 16 was parent-teacher conferences and Alyssa Bustamante had a day off from school. It was on this day that highway patrol says she dug two graves in the woods behind her home.

Bustamante was familiar with the property behind her house, according to court testimony. She even got in trouble twice for spending the night in the woods.

The two graves she dug sat there over the weekend and into the next week as Bustamante attended school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wednesday, Oct. 21

The morning of the murder, Bustamante posted Twitter messages saying she was "in class" at Jefferson City High School and "bored as f---."

That afternoon, 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten would have walked from her home on Lomo Drive in St. Martins and traveled four houses to get to Bustamante's house. Neighbors said she played there often with the Bustamante's twin brothers and younger sister.

On the night of the murder there were horses in front of her house. Those horses are now gone, replaced with no trespassing signs.

Around 6:15 p.m., Elizabeth was supposed to come home. Family members told reporters that after she left someone called her cell phone telling her to come back to Bustamante's house.

Thursday, Oct. 22

That led to Bustamante missing school on Thursday. The high school principal said it was her first and only unexcused absence.

Friday, Oct. 23

Mid-day the sheriff said "written evidence" led them to Bustamante.

After questioning her, investigators said she walked them into the woods and showed them where Elizabeth's body was buried - in the grave she reportedly dug exactly one week before.

Saturday, Oct. 24

Bustamante was taken to a Hawthorn's Children's Psychiatric Hospital to be evaluated and monitored. Court officials said they took her to the hospital because Bustamante made statements about harming herself.

A previous version of this story referenced Alyssa Bustamante being admitted to Hawthorn Children's Psychiatric Hospital on Wednesday, Oct. 21, that date was referenced during court testimony; however, juvenile court officials clarified that date to Saturday, Oct. 24.