What do you think of social media background checks?

Companies have used background checks, credit reports, and even searches on Google to check out prospective employees.

Now, some employers are checking social media habits before hiring.

Is finding out how someone used social media, an invasion of his or her privacy?

The Director of Career Services at Westminster College said it isn't.

Meg Langland said when people put personal information on the web, it's not private anymore.

She told KRCG that people need to be smart when using Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and other social media networks.

"I think that you should use the guideline,of whatever I have out there, would I let my grandmother see it. You should definitely make sure your Facebook page is squeaky clean of all the digital dirt, Westminster Director of Career Services Meg Langland said. Also, you should Google your name to see what's out there on the web."

Langland said people might assume any social media check is negative, but they can be viewed as positive too.

She said over 80-percent of employers around the United States use Facebook.

So, having a professional Facebook page can increase the chances of getting a better job.

Tell us what you think. Should employers be allowed to check applicants' social media habits before hiring them?

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What do you think of social media background checks?

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and other social media websites can give prospective employers information that would be illegal to ask in an interview. So is that a violation of privacy?

Tonight KRCG's Facebook Crew talks with experts to find out what you can do to avoid having personal information viewed on social media websites.

Tell us what you think. Is social media background checks a violation of privacy?