What can be done to stop MO's meth problem?

Methamphetamine is one of the most addicting drugs in the world and police say it's the most popular drug in Mid-Missouri.

So what can be done to stop Missouri TMs meth problem?

KRCG's Crime Tracker Team took that question to the meth dealers themselves.

People go to jail every day for meth.

"Here in rural Mid-Missouri methamphetamine is everyone's drug of choice because it's the easiest thing they can get their heads on, Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman said.

Whether it's using, selling or manufacturing, it usually starts the same way.

"I had a buddy offer it to me about 7 years ago and it kind of just took off from there, facing meth charges Mitchell Krieg said.

Krieg recently bonded out of jail after being arrested for possession of meth with the intent to sell.

"I figured I can't beat them, I might as well join them, Krieg said.

How addicting is meth?

"It's pretty addicting. It depends what your in to, Krieg said. Anyone that likes to run around like a crazy person is going to love it. But the lifestyle of making it is the worst part."

Krieg said the money made it worth the risk of dealing with all the chemicals and possible jail time.

"It ruined my life, Maries County Inmate George Moody said.

George Moody also knows first hand what meth can do to you.

"I TMve lost a 15-year old job, the best job I ever had in my life. I lost a loving wife and a son that won't talk to me, Moody said. I lost a brand new home with 53 acres that I spent my whole life to do."

Moody is waiting to be sent to federal prison on a 5 year sentence for meth charges.

Before he goes, he wants to give this warning.

"If you're doing it try to stop and if you're thinking about doing it don't because it's not worth it, Moody said.

Both the meth dealers I talked to, said making Pseudoephedrine, found in cold medicines and a key ingredient to meth harder to get would help stop the meth problem.

"One way to do away with it would be do away with the pills, that's the main thing. I mean it ain't us that's the bad stuff, if you got rid of the pills we couldn't do nothing, Krieg said.

Any kind of help that the government or anyone can do on the pills or anything would help. If that's what it takes to stop this than something needs to be done because it's ruined my life; and I TMm sure there are many people that can sit in this same chair right here and say how it has ruined theirs, Moody said.

Moody told me once he gets out of prison he wants to become a public speaker on why not to use meth.

Right now a bill that requires a prescription for cold medicine is being debated.

If the bill gets passed law enforcement a long with meth users believe it would slow down Missouri TMs meth problem.