What a weekend!

What a weekend in sports, huh?

Such a great weekend to sit inside, look outside, and talk how great it was outside.

All the sports results weren't good, however.ã??The Royals were swept in three games in Boston. Kansas City scored one run in one loss --- the 17th time they've scored just one run this season --- while also being shut out for the seventh time.

The Royals' scoring prowess rivals that of my neighbor, Mikey. (SEE BELOW.)

Tiger Woods wasn't happy with his performance at theã??British Open. He pounded clubs into the grass like he was chasing snakes. Then there was Henrik Stenson, who snapped a club over his knee during Thursday's opening round.

Ernie Els missed an 18-inch putt ... then missed the 12-inch comebacker.

In the end, the biggest roars were offered up to Rory McIlroy, who won his third major at age 25. The only other players to do that? Jack and Tiger, no last names required.

What's that smell? That would be rarefied air.

Rory won the British Open, not the OPEN Championship. Our own OPEN championship is pretty good, too. Second, they should play the British Open in the US to make it more TV -friendly for us. Or should I say, US.


On a personal sports note, I made a layup... one-out-three. My overmatched neighborã??went oh-fer.

HAH!!! I hope that answers one of your of questions --- Did I taunt him after I overpowered him? You bet. After all, he's kind of a cocky kid.

Driving to the store, I started feeling badly for the kid. It was the wrong thing to do. Arriving home, he was still tossing up, and chasing down, airballs.

By the way, he's 2.

He hurriedly ran over to my driveway, clutching a basketball bigger than he is.

"I made 10 in a row while you were gone!" unleashing a smile bigger than LeBron James' latest contract

I had three options to respond:

A) "That's wonderful, just amazing, that's just great and I'm so proud of you!!!"

B) "Keep working really, really hard (I see him out there about twice a year), and pretty soon you'll be making 11 straight!"

C) "Yeah right kid, whatever."

I went option with A.

"Come here, Mikey,"I'll lift you over my shoulders and you'll put the next one in, too. Just lay it in."

His first shot missed the backboard. From a foot away.

His second, he lost his balance and we stumbled around the driveway for several seconds. We were the world's worst two-man unicycle show --- minus the unicycle. We didn't fall, but my back suddenly felt like it was being beaten with a hammer --- and the other guy didn't like me.

"Okay. When's your birthday,?" I asked, with my hands slumped on my knees.

"Nov. 17, I'll be three!"

"Good for you, Happy Birthday, kid. Consider this your Birthday present."

Up with Mike over my shoulders one last time. He took dead aim, once again, and gave it a heave. With my head looking to see the grande finale, this one boinked off the bottom of the rim, hitting me in the face and knocking off my glasses.

Recollecting my hardware, I said "Good try, Mikey, I gotta go."

"Okay, but thanks, Mr. Loeffler. Can we do it again soon?"

I had three options for an answer:

A) "Sure, anytime! And If I don't have time, I'll make the time."

B) "When you get your driver's licence."

C) "Try chess."

I went with A, but there was one, final option I really wanted to use.

"You'll put an eye out with that thing, kid."

B was the front-runner, but I went the A.