West McCarty closes for road work

Jefferson City's Public Works will shut down part of West McCarty Street so that Union Pacific can work on the section of track that runs the length of the road.

The Jefferson City Public Works Department will close West McCarty on Monday, July 21st.

They will close the street between the Highway 63-54 overpass and the Bolivar Street stoplight, to allow Union Pacific Railroad to rebuild the grade-level railroad crossing that runs the length of that block.

Westbound traffic on McCarty will have no access to the northbound highway on ramp or to northbound Bolivar.

Eastbound McCarty traffic will be able to turn left onto the highway ramp, but will go no farther toward the Truman Building parking lots.

"We get a lot of traffic off of the highway and it's sort of the main entrance into the downtown area off of Highway 54," says city engineer David Bange. "And probably even more so in the evening, as everyone's trying to leave work. I think traffic is more compact as they're leaving. And so, certainly, it's not going to be the easiest thing. It'll probably cause a little bit of delay for folks trying to get home."

Bange says people will want to use the Main Street ramps or continue to Highway 50 to access the Capitol complex.

Weather permitting, the works should be finished by the end of the week. The work will start after the morning rush on July 21st.