Water Plant Under New Management

Alliance Water Resources will soon manage Boonvilleâ??s Water Treatment Plant.

Boonville city council members unanimously approved a new water management contract with a Columbia company.

Alliance Water Resources will soon manage Boonvilleâ??s Water Treatment Plant.

Several people voiced their opposition to the new agreement with Alliance Water Resources during the most recent Boonville city council meeting. Despite that opposition, council members unanimously approved the deal. City leaders believe operations at their water treatment plant have become too complex and new regulations are making operations very difficult. Water Resources Alliance President Dale Wagner predicts a smooth transition from public to private management.

Wagner said, â??Our expectation is to offer employment to the folks that are there. At least, give them first consideration in our application process. They are the ones that have experience on this site. Thatâ??s very beneficial to us.â??

Right now, 4 people work at Boonvilleâ??s water treatment plant. Under the new management, 5 people will work here. That doesnâ??t guarantee the jobs of current employees. City leaders are optimistic about city employees keeping their jobs with a new boss.

Public Works Director M.L. Cauthon said, â??It would be wise for Alliance Water Resources to assume that corporate knowledge to smooth the transition and take those employees and their skills and their knowledge with them.â??

Alliance Water Resources is scheduled to begin the management of Boonvilleâ??s water treatment plant on July 1.

Boonville city leaders said the main goal of new management at their water treatment plant is to maintain the distribution of high quality drinking water to their residents.