Warning: new scam reported in Callaway County

Warning: new scam reported in Callaway County

A new scam is popping up in Callaway County, according to the sheriff's office.

The targeted residents reported getting a call from someone claiming to work for Martinez and Associates. The caller gives an address of 11 East 11th Street in Lawrence, Kan., which is actually the Douglas County Sheriff's Office address.

The caller says there's a lawsuit against the target's social security number, and may even recite the last four digits of the victim's social security number. The caller then requests a payment and tells the victim that they may be arrested if they fail to pay.

One Callaway County victim said that after forwarding money to Martinez and Associates, he got a call showing a local number. When he answered, the caller identified himself as an officer with one of the local police departments in Callaway County.

The caller then told the victim that he had been contacted by Martinez and Associates and that, if the victim didn't pay the rest of his loan, he would be arrested.

None of the law enforcement agencies in Callaway County participates in loan collection activities like the one described. If you are contacted by Martinez and Associates or any organization making a similar claim, don't give them any personal information or send them any money.