Wanted couple slash own throats during escape attempt

Joseph Thompson slashed his own throat during the escape attempt in Osage County.

An Osage County couple cut their own throats while trying to escape authorities Monday.

A trooper went to arrest Susan Koelling and Joseph Thompson as they were picking up their car from a tow yard on Benton Street. They were wanted after a weekend traffic stop, during which drug paraphernalia and meth lab precursors were found in the vehicle. The couple was released pending charges.

When faced with being arrested Monday, Koelling and Thomas tried to escape. Koelling ran, while Thompson tried to leave in a car. They both slashed their own throats during the escape attempt.

Koelling told deputies the couple had made a pact ito commit suicide f they were arrested

Thompson was in "fair" condition at University Hospital as of 4:10 p.m. Tuesday, while Koelling is in custody.

Osage County Sheriff Michael Dixon said its the most bizarre and gruesome incident he's been a part of in some time.