Walmart on Campus coming to Columbia's Lofts

Mizzou will be the fourth campus to open a Walmart on Campus early next year.

Convenience is important to students on college campuses, especially if they walk or bike for transportation.

That's why Walmart has partnered with Columbia realtor and owner of the Lofts at 308 9th Travis McGee to launch Walmart on Campus at Mizzou.

Anne Hatfield, Director of Communications at Walmart, said Mizzou is the fourth campus since 2011 to have a Walmart, behind the University of Arkansas, Arizona State, and Georgia Tech.

While smaller, the store will offer many of the same necessities as the regular store, including a full service pharmacy.

"It's a very convenient way for students at Mizzou and at the other schools to get basic groceries, health and beauty items, general merchandise products all at Walmart's every day low prices...and of course their favorite Mizzou gear," said Hatfield.

The completion of the Lofts Walmart will add to an already bustling business district on campus.

Other businesses opening in the Lofts include Fazoli's, Blenders, International Tap House, and Varsity Nails among others.

MU student John Sackett linked the increase in business to the university's move to the SEC.

"I've seen a number of new businesses go up, especially in the recent weeks. With Mizzou joining the SEC, a lot of new businesses I would say have been opening up."

Sacket said the accessibility of a store like Walmart will be good for students who live on campus or downtown.

The Walmart on Campus will be between 2500 and 5000 square feet and will open early next year.