Volunteers skip church to help others

Church members held a block party and free pancake breakfast for the public.

Members of Jefferson City's First Baptist Church cancelled their worship services and bible studies for a day of service.

They held a city wide event called "Mission JC: In the City. For the City."

Church members held a block party and free pancake breakfast for the public. Keith Enloe made sure no one walked away hungry.

Enloe said, "I just do what mom taught me. I put the batter on the grill and wait for the bubbles and flip it once. I try to get the golden brown. That's the whole key."

Keith's mom also taught him the key to a successful community is volunteering your time to help others. That's why First Baptist Church volunteers baked cookies for police and firefighters, cleaned up trash in neighborhoods and planted trees.

Volunteer Nikolas Strawderman said, "I planted tree. I picked up a dirt clot and put it in the pile."

The block party at Jefferson City's Common Ground Community Building was just one of more than 20 projects scattered throughout the city. More than 300 volunteers turned out for all of the fun.

Volunteer Theresa McClellan said, "We talk about service. We talk about loving other people. You can do that within the confines of a building, but you can also do it in Common Ground out here on Clark Street. That's what today is all about."

Volunteers said their faith in God and their community made the day successful.

Volunteer Ken Enloe said, "This isn't about staying in a building and telling people to come to us. It's about leaving the building and embracing the community where they are."

Other projects included volunteering at an animal shelter, the Boys and Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity, local hospitals and senior care centers.