Violations exposed at Versailles butchering facility

Update: Custom exempt processing has been reinstated at Leinbach Custom Processing in Morgan County. The business owner provided documentation to the Missouri Department of Agricultureâ??s Meat and Poultry Inspection Program of potable water Thursday, February 14, at which time the violations identified earlier this week had been addressed.

The use of non-potable water at Leinbach Custom Butchering has resulted in the suspension of its custom exempt processing permissions.

Products made through custom exempt processing are sold to livestock owners for their own consumption â?? they are not sold to the public.

Routine water samples, which were taken Jan. 29 and Feb. 8, exposed the violations at the Versailles facility. The samples were analyzed at the State Public Health Laboratory.

Members of the Missouri Department of Agriculture's Meat and Poultry Inspection Program suspended the custom exempt processing permissions Monday after a routine inspection.

The suspension will remain until documentation of a potable water supply is given to the Department of Agriculture.

The department said those who have recently used custom processing by Leinbach Custom Butchering should carefully examine all items processed by the facility before consumption.