Vigil held for man murdered a year ago

A year ago, George Allen Nickols went to a late night house party in Jefferson City with a friend.

About a dozen people were at the party and all seemed normal. A few hours later, Nickols was found stabbed to death.

What exactly happened is a mystery and police are still looking for clues. The friend Nickols went to the party with left shortly before he was killed.

On Saturday, friends and family gathered at the house on West Atchison Street for a candlelight vigil. The crowd stood in the rain, holding umbrellas, not far from where Nickols was killed.

They sang Amazing Grace and chanted for justice. Some wore shirts that said "Big Al," which was Nickols' nickname.

Family members believe there are people with information who haven't come forward.

They vow to keep fighting until their son's killer is behind bars.