Vienna Girl Throws First Pitch

Autumn Taylor threw the first pitch at Mizzou's softball game Sunday.

A Vienna girl experienced â??a dream come trueâ?? on Sunday afternoon.

Autumn Taylor, 10, got to throw out the first pitch at the Mizzou Womenâ??s softball game versus Arkansas.

Autumn had to give up softball this year after doctorâ??s diagnosed her with Gorlinâ??s Syndrome.

The Vienna girl recently had four cysts removed from her mouth.

Doctors also removed part of her lower jaw and several teeth.

Autumn cried when she found out the Mizzou Womenâ??s Softball Team wore bracelets to show their support for her.

Autumn Taylor said, â??This is the first softball game that Iâ??ve been to with the Mizzou softball girls.â??

Autumn still has a long road a head of her as she faces the possibility of skin cancer, heart complications and spinal problems.