Videos show hope and destruction after Joplin tornado

An aerial look shows the wide path the tornado took through town.

There is still hope in Joplin following Sunday TMs devastating tornado.

Governor Jay Nixon announced authorities have pulled another 10 people out from the rubble alive. That brings the total number of rescued survivors to 17.

The Associated Press captured one of those rescues on camera.

The Associated Press

Crews aren TMt just pulling people to safety; they TMre also working on getting pets out of the wreckage. The Missouri Humane Society has a 15-member Disaster Response Team on the ground in Joplin to rescue and shelter pets after the storm.

Monday, volunteers pulled a scared dog out of the debris. CBS News caught the rescue as people pulled the dog out and quickly wrapped it in a blanket.

Watch the CBS News video of the rescue here.

While more than a dozen people were found alive Monday, Nixon still fears just how high the death toll will climb.

He told the AP he doesn TMt even want to guess how high it will climb, but said: Clearly, it TMs on its way up.

See CBS News photos of the destruction here.

The tornado tore a six-mile-long, half-mile wide path through Joplin. Much of the city TMs south side was leveled with churches, schools, businesses, and homes reduced to ruins. Winds reached nearly 200 mph.

That is a monster tornado, one spotter exclaimed as the camera rolled, focused on the fury.

The Associated Press

A group of 20 people rode out the storm in a convenience store cooler. They huddled together as the twister passed over them.

Twenty-three-year-old Brennan Stebbins recorded the whole ordeal on his cell phone. The video is dark, but you can clearly hear the fear and concern for others inside the cooler.

Brennan Stebbins

Stebbins said everyone ran into the cooler when the convenience store started to collapse. They crouched on the floor, prayed, cried, and expressed I love you TMs as the storm hit in two separate waves.

Stebbins said he thought he might die at the time.

Eventually they were able to crawl out. No one was seriously injured.

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