Veterans celebrated with Capital City Freedom Corner

Veterans, their families, friends, and fellow proud Americans gathered at what was declared the Freedom Corner on East McCarty Street in Jefferson City Monday.

The landmark will serve as a place for veterans and loved ones to reflect on those who served or passed away.

"We can never forget the sacrifices that those who served have made, especially those who never came home. The men and women who died for our country. I think memorials like this go a long way to ensure that they are not forgotten," said veteran Don Hentges.

Tipton Vietnam veteran Ted Fry said it was good to see all of the branches represented at the ceremony.

"It's more and more recognition for all the servicemen, military, and actually families too who have served our country," said Fry.

The six month project headed by the East Side Business Association and the owner of the old Warwick Village transformed this section of the Capital City into something forever etched in history.

"We hope it's something as they drive by and see it or stop and see the bricks and pavers that have been put here to recognize other veterans that they are proud of the service and recognize we as a nation are proud of their service as well. We hope it also encourages young people to consider service to our country," said Donnell Rehagen, president of the East Side Business Association.

Freedom isn't free.

"The freedoms and securities that we enjoy today and every day are a direct result of those sacrifices by our veterans," said Jefferson City mayor Eric Struemph.