Van fire outside Holts Summit

Another fire on Thursday broke out just a few miles away and about an hour after the van fire near the Capitol Building near Holts Summit.

This was also the result of a van on fire.

Holts Summit fire crews arrived around 9 a.m. Thursday morning to a house on Halifax road where a vintage minivan was in flames in the driveway.

The residents were sad to see their prized possession destroyed, but were glad they didn't park it in the garage.

"I heard a pop in the motor, and it didn't want to go into the garage, and I looked back, and I saw smoke coming out the back air intakes of the van, so I left it sitting in the driveway, fortunately, and you see the outcome of it. So it's gone," said homeowner Ron Hansen.


mage was limited to some melted vinyl siding near the garage.

No one was injured.