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      U.S. Attorney??s Office says no further action in Coleman case

      Brandon Coleman/File Photo

      The United States Attorney??s Office announced today there will be no further federal action in the case involving Brandon Coleman.

      In October 2013, the investigation into the shooting death of Coleman was reopened at the request of the NAACP and the victim??s mother.

      Both parties wanted the federal courts to determine if a civil rights violation or federal criminal offense occurred.

      Tuesday??s ruling by the United States Attorney??s Office stated ??No criminal charges have been filed and no federal civil action will be pursued.??

      Coleman, 25, was killed in May in the 500 block of North Ann Street after a dispute, and Boone County prosecutor Dan Knight ruled the shooting, ??legally justified,?? under Missouri??s self-defense laws.

      The U.S. attorney??s Office now considers the matter closed.