Update: Suspects say man found in parking lot overdosed

Brian Anderson

Update: 4:47 p.m.

Jefferson City Police were told that the man found dead in a truck in the Gerbes parking lot last week overdosed on drugs.

Captain Mike Smith said two people, who were arrested on drug charges Thursday, told police that Micah J. Rooney was at their home on the 2100 block of Louis Circle last Thursday night.

Brian Anderson and Terra Hill, whose home was searched for drugs, said that Rooney was using heroin and overdosed.

Police are still waiting for toxicology reports to confirm Hill and Anderson TMs story; however, police suspected drugs after their initial investigation.

Anderson and Hill face charges for abandoning a corpse and possession of a controlled substance.

Anderson and Hill are being held at Cole County Jail.

Anderson TMs bond has not been set. Hill TMs bond is set at $50,000.

Original Story:

Two people are in custody in connection to a suspicious death after a drug bust.

Brian Anderson and Terra Hill told police that Micah Rooney died of a drug overdose in their home on the 2100 block of Louis Circle in Jefferson City.

Rooney injected himself with heroine and died. Hill and Anderson then transported his body to the Gerbes parking lot.

Police are waiting for toxicology reports from Rooney TMs body in order to confirm their story.

Hill and Anderson face drug charges and abandonment of a corpse.

More information will be available soon.