Update: Postal worker attacked by two pit bulls

Update: Monday, March 7 at 3:00 p.m.:

Fulton Police said a veterinarian euthanized the 2 dogs suspected of attacking a mailman.

Officers said the owners were cooperative with the investigation and decision to put the dogs down.

The male and female pit bulls were euthanized Monday afternoon.

Update: March 2nd at 4:00 p.m.: The mail carrier who was attacked by two pit bulls Tuesday has been identified as Tom Galloway, 54 of Jefferson City.Galloway was attacked by two pit bulls while trying to deliver mail to a home at 303 W. 14th Street in Fulton.Police say the homeowner has two pit bulls of her own but was also watching two pit bulls that belonged to someone else.It was the two visiting pit bulls that attacked Galloway in the face and on the upper left arm, according to police.Even though the pit bulls do not belong to a resident of the city, Fulton Police say they still have jurisdiction to hold the animals and put them down if a judge declares them vicious.Galloway is recovering at home and has been told he will need two or three plastic surgery procedures to fix the damage to his face, Fulton Postmaster Roger Bounds said.Bounds said Galloway was bit around that nose and that doctors stitched him up the best they could but there was flesh missing.Because of the missing flesh, Galloway still has open wounds on his face.This was an avoidable accident, Bounds said. We ask residents to keep pets retrained so mail carriers won TMt be in danger.Bounds said that the workers in the Fulton Post Office are upset over the attack.This was a serious incident, Bound said. This could have been a water meter worker or anyone.Bounds said his department thanks the Fulton Police for their quick action. Update on March 1 at 9:50 p.m.: A mailman is recovering at home after being attacked Tuesday by dogs on his delivery route in Fulton. Police said it happened in the 300 block of 14th street. We're told medics helped the postman at the scene, then took him to a Columbia hospital for treatment of a serious facial injury. The Fulton Police Department said the mailman was just doing his job when he was attacked. "He approached a residence and the resident there opened the door at the same time; then her two dogs got out and they attacked the mail carrier, Fulton Police Dept. Maj. Roger Rice said. Police said the two pit bulls were taken to the animal shelter in Fulton and the judge will determine if they will be put down. "Our animal control people will prepare a report and that will go to the judge. Then a judge can decide whether or not if the dogs are vicious, Maj. Rice said. If he rules they're vicious, he can order the dogs to be put down." Police said if the judge doesn't rule the animals to be vicious they will go back to their owner. " But in this case that's probably not going to happen, Maj. Rice said. Our reporter tried to talk with the dogs owners Tuesday evening, but was threatened by people at the scene. Fulton police told us the neighborhood is not a safe place to be. This is not an isolated incident. The latest number we could find from the postal service show 2,863 carriers suffered dog bites in 2009. Tell us what you think. Do you think mail carriers should delivery mail to people who have aggressive dogs?

Update on March 1 at 5:50 p.m.:

The Fulton post office told us that the mail carrier has been treated and released from the hospital.

Update on March 1 at 4:30 p.m.: KRCG went to the neighborhood where the incident happened. When the reporter got out of the car, he was told by the homeowners not to film their home and that he should get back into his car.Fulton PD said the neighborhood is not the safest and advised KRCG not to go into the area. Update on March 1 at 3:54 p.m. Fulton Police said a postal worker in Fulton was bit by two pitbulls on Tuesday.The incident happened at 12:30 p.m. at 303 W. 14th Street. Medics on scene administered aid to the postal worker who had a serious injury to his face. The postal worker was transported to a Columbia hospital for treatment. The two pitbulls were taken to the animal shelter in Fulton.Original Story:A postal worker in Fulton was bit by a pit bull on Tuesday.Witnesses tell us the employee was taken to the hospital by ambulance. It happened on 14th Street in Fulton.A witness said the pit bull came out of the front door of a house on the street and then bit the employee.