Update: Linn baby drowns in bathtub, mother arrested

Mug photograph of Rachel Sweet

Update: Tuesday, March 29 at 4:45 p.m.: Rachel Sweet appeared in Osage County court on Tuesday.She was granted a public defender and a preliminary hearing was set for April 26. Sweet also asked the judge for a reduction in bond, but the judge denied the request. Update: Tuesday, March 29 at 9:00 a.m.

The Linn, Missouri mother accused in the drowning death of her infant son has a disposition hearing Tuesday in Osage County court.28 year old Rachel Sweet of Linn is charged with involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment.Last week, sweet requested a public defender. Tuesday afternoon, she'll likely find out who will defend her.Investigators say Sweet's baby died on March 9 after being rushed to University Hospital in Columbia. Paramedics were able to briefly revive him after he was found unconscious in the bathtub.

Update: Wednesday, March 23 at 1:45 p.m.

Rachel Sweet appeared in court for the first time Tuesday for an arraignment.

Sweet has requested the assistance of a public defender and is waiting approval.

Sweet could appear again on March 29 for a disposition.

At the disposition Sweet will find out if the public defenders office will represent her.

Update: Wednesday, March 17 at 10:35 p.m.

A Linn woman has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment in the drowning death of her 2-month old son.

Online court records show charges were filed Thursday against Rachel Sweet by the Osage County Prosecutor.

Sweet's baby, Cooper, died on March 9 after being rushed to University Hospital in Columbia.

Paramedics were able to briefly revive him after he was found unconscious in the bathtub.

Read the probable cause statement in Rachel Sweet's case here.

Update Tuesday, March 15 at 4:55 p.m. Authorities in Linn have not decided if they will file charges against a mother whose infant son drowned last week in a bath tub.Osage County Prosecutor Amanda Grellner said she is waiting on police to finish investigating and submit the necessary paperwork to her office so she can decide whether or not to press charges against Rachel Sweet, 28.Sweet's son Cooper was found unconscious in a bathtub last week and was briefly revived by paramedics, but later died at University Hospital in Columbia.Grellner said she is also waiting on the autopsy report. Update Thursday March 10th at 9:01 p.m.:

She has been questioned by police, but charges have not yet been filed against a Linn woman whose infant son drowned Tuesday in a bath tub. As investigators look into the case, people in town speculated about how it happened. Rachel Sweet is well known in the small town of Linn, but not necessarily for good things. People KRCG spoke with told various stories about the 28-year-old mother. Online court records show in 2008 she pleaded guilty to stealing, that same year she was charged with possession of a controlled substance. One year ago Sweet pleaded guilty to trespassing, then in august of 2010 she was charged with fraudulent use of a credit card. Later on that year, in September she was charged with stealing and was placed on two years of unsupervised probation. Just one month later she pleaded guilty again to stealing. Next to Subway is a white house with a bicycle laying in the front yard, it's where Sweet and her family live. It's also the home where 2-month-old Cooper Sweet was found unconscious in the bath tub. While rumors swirl around Linn, Police Chief Richard Bray is being tight lipped about the investigation. He said the investigation is on-going and said there will be charges filed. Neighbors claimed the family has been investigated by the Department of Social Services, but the state will neither confirm nor deny they've had any contact with the family.

Update Thursday March 10th 3:55 p.m.: Charges have not been filed against the mid-Missouri mother accused of child endangerment in the drowning death of her infant.University Hospital in Columbia confirms that 2-month-old Cooper Sweet died Wednesday.Cooper was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday after being found unconscious in a bathtub at his Linn home. A clerk at the Osage County Courthouse in Linn confirms that no charges have been filed against the infant's mother, Rachel Sweet.Neighbors said that they had called Social Services numerous times to check out the situation at Sweet's home.The Department of Social Services won't confirm or deny that they had contact with the family.Original Story:Police in Linn are investigating after a two-month old baby drowns.(Story continues after map)

University Hospital confirms the victim was Cooper Sweet.

The Linn newspaper the "Unterrified Democrat" reports medics were called to a home on Main Street Tuesday morning and found the infant unconscious in the bathtub.

The baby was revived and taken to Children's Hospital in Columbia where he later died.

The Linn Police Department wouldn't comment to KRCG, but Chief Richard Bray told the paper the baby's mother Rachel Sweet, 28, was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment.

She was later released, charges are pending.