Update: JCPD expects 911 investigation into incident with JC quadriplegic to wrap in a week

Updated on February 25 at 3:10 p.m. The investigation into what happened when George Finley Jr. called for help should wrap up in about a week, according to Capt. Bob Cynova with the Jefferson City Police Department. The internal investigation will focus on the 911 operators who took the calls asking for a police officer to retrieve a phone for Finley, who is a quadriplegic. When asked why Lifeline didn't contact anyone else to help him besides the police department, Finley said that his Lifeline is programed to call only three numbers, 911 and two nurses. When the Lifeline called his first nurse, she didn't pick up, according to Finley. Finley later learned that the first nurse was out of town and was the nurse who discovered Finley they next day. The second nurse didn't pick up the phone, Finley said. Finley said the nurse called back and left a message but he couldn't get to the phone because it had fallen on the floor. Updated on February 25 at 12:35 p.m. KRCG is following up with Lifeline on their procedures for non-emergency calls after many viewers asked why they called police instead of an emergency contact.Finley said he had nurses and aides scheduled to work that day, but that both of them were sick.We are also looking into how many non-emergency calls JCPD responds to each day.The voicemail from Jefferson City Police Captain Bob Cynova left on Finley's answering machine stated the following:

"Mr. Finley, this is Captain Cynova, Jeff City Police Department, trying to call you back about your complaint. It took me a while, I had to get the recording of the phone calls and I am going to take action with an employee on this issue, but I would like you to call me back at 634-6400 and ask for Captain Cynova. Again, my number's 634 6400. Thanks." (Click HERE to listen to the voicemail) Finley said that when he called back, Capt. Cynova apologized and said they made a mistake.To watch video of the entire story, click HERE.What do you think? Leave a message below.Updated on February 24 at 5:30 p.m.

What if you called the police department for help and no one ever responded?

That is exactly what happened to quadriplegic man living in Jefferson City.

He used a lifeline device to call police for help.

But because it wasn't an emergency, no one ever showed up.

Police admit they dropped the ball.

"I laid here all night long without no food, without no water, without medicine, and without pretty much everything, George Finley Jr. said.

Finley is paralyzed from his chest down.

He lives alone and relies on his phone and lifeline device on his wrist in case of an emergency.

This past Sunday, Finley dropped his phone on the floor.

He needed the phone to call his nursing aides, so he used his Lifeline to call the Jefferson City police dispatch.

"I called 634-6400 and spoke to a Jefferson City Police Dept. dispatcher. I asked her if i could get some assistance, they didn't have to come in the next five minutes, but when they have some free time please come to my door, Finley said. She said fine."

Finley waited for over an hour and no one showed up.

In the meantime he had a muscle spasm that caused his elbow to become lodged in the railings on his bed.

He then used his chin to push his Lifeline button.

The Lifeline operator contacted the police again asking that an officer stop by to pick up the phone.

But police refused to come unless he needed an ambulance.

"I don't need an ambulance over here. I just need someone like a police officer to come over here open the door and assist me, Finley said.

Finley then laid there for more than 20 hours until his nursing aide showed up the next day.

"I got no medicine, no food, no water, no range of motion, nothing. Hungry, paralyzed and failed by the police department, Finley said.

The Jefferson City Police Dept. admitted they made a mistake by not sending someone over.

"He asked if we would send a police officer over to retrieve that phone for him and put it back within reach. We didn't do that, Jefferson City Police Department Captain Bob Cynova said. We offered him an ambulance. He declined it and we didn TMt do anything further with it."

JCPD said they have apologized to Mr. Finley and they are investigating to find out what exactly went wrong Sunday evening.

"This is taken very seriously. We don't wave it off as just another caller that's complaining and we will do whatever the investigation leads us too, Cynova said.

Please tell us what you think. Do you think police should have denyed this man an officer when he did not need emergent help? Original story

George Finley Jr. is a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down. He said this past Sunday evening he and a Lifeline operator made a number of calls to the Jefferson City Police Department trying to get an officer to come to his house and help him retrieve his phone that fell in the floor.

But the police department never sent any officers to house to help him.

Finley said that next day both of his nurses called and called trying to tell him they were sick. But he couldn't answer the phone because it was in the floor; and he also couldn't call any other nurses over to his house to help him.

So he laid in his bed for a little more than 20 hours with nothing.

"I laid here all night long without no food, without no water, without medicine, and without pretty much everything," Geroge Finley Jr. said.

The Jefferson City Police Department admitted that they made mistake.

They said they recieved calls from Finley, but never sent an officer out to his house.

"Mr. Finley asked if we would send a police officer over to retrieve that phone for him and put it back within reach. We didn't do that," Jefferson City Police Dept. Cpt. Cynova said.

Cynova said the police department apoligized to Finley and that something like that will never happen again.

Tonight at 10, JCPD and Finley will share their sides of the story. Do you think JCPD should have dispatched an officer to the house to help the man?