Update: H1N1 flu outbreak at Lake area summer camp

Photos are from the Camp Sabra website

Update, Tuesday, 7:20 pm: KRCG News has learned that the confirmed cases of swine flu at a Lake of the Ozarks summer camp are a 9-year-old camper and 20-year-old worker.Camp leaders tell KRCG they plan to start cleaning and disinfecting the Jewish residential camp on June 29 so it will be ready when it reopens the next day.

Campers and staff members began getting sick last week with mild, flulike symptoms, and up to 50 people were separated from the healthy campers and staff.The largest group of campers came from the Dallas, Tex. area. Camp leaders say approximately 100 campers from Dallas headed home Tuesday in two buses, one for sick youth, the other for those not showing symptoms.Missouri's Department of Health and Senior Services Director Margaret Donnelly says her department is not notifying Texas health authorities about the outbreak. However, Donnelly says the two confirmed cases will be reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.Donnelly told KRCG News in a phone interview that it is not standard procedure to notify other states of sick persons heading their way. Donnelly says it will be up to parents to take their children to the doctor if necessary and that the swine flu is being treated like any other flu virus.

Update, Tuesday, 6:00 pm:

Camp Sabra sits quiet Tuesday as most campers have been sent home after camp abruptly closed its doors Monday after a flu outbreak.

"I can confirm that at this time we have a handful of campers that are still at Sabra. But we are hoping by this evening that there will be no more campers on site, says Camp Sabra Spokeswoman Margaret Schatz. "As soon as any of our campers had presented the flu-like symptoms, they were immediately isolated, Schatz added.

Despite reports that letters written from campers to their parents last week were detailing a camp full of sick kids, Schatz says camp records indicate the first signs of illness began Saturday.

Many camp workers have also become ill, KRCG talked to a family member of one of the camp workers. He is in bed today sick. He became ill Sunday night with a fever after working that day.

So where do camp officials go from here?

"We're hoping that we will begin to have a complete dormant camp starting tomorrow evening, Schatz said. And then between a four and five day period, nobody will be on site. And so next Monday is when we will do a full cleaning of the camp and the facilities."

Schatz says the camp is still scheduled to reopen next Tuesday the June 30.

Update, Tuesday 5 p.m.:

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services spokesman says the extent of the outbreak may never be fully known because most campers were sent home without being tested for the H1N1 virus.

A Camp Sabra spokesman said today that only a handful of campers remain at the camp.

At the height of the outbreak, 50 of the 350 campers and staff were ill.

The camp says all parents have been notified of the swine flu cases by either phone or e-mail.

The parents are going to have to watch their child and make sure that if they do present [symptoms] that they take appropriate action with their local physicians," said Camp Sabra spokesperson Margaret Schatz said.

The current group of campers came from St. Louis, Kansas City, Texas and Tennessee.

While the campers are from out of town, most of the 100 camp workers live in mid-Missouri and many have become ill themselves.

UPDATE, Tuesday 12:35 p.m.: Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services says a swine flu outbreak is the largest state has seen. However, the extent of the outbreak may not ever be fully known because most campers were sent home without being tested for the H1N1 virus, according to department spokesman Kit Wagar.Wagar says the outbreak at Camp Sabra in Morgan County is the largest outbreak in the state since the department began tracking cases of swine flu in April. Wagar said no one has been hospitalized.Even though most of the approximately 250 campers have been sent home, many of the camp's nearly 100 workers have also become ill and many are full time residents of Lake of the Ozarks communities. UPDATE, Monday 7:05 pm:

KRCG's crew on the scene reports that parents continue to arrive at Camp Sabra to personally drive their children home.KRCG also spoke with the camp's office headquarters in St. Louis. A spokeswoman said that they hope to have all campers heading home by tomorrow.Once all campers have left, the camp says that it will start to disinfect the camp over a seven day period.Original Story:

Tests results Monday evening confirm that two campers at a mid-Missouri summer camp have the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu.While only two cases have been confirmed, health officials say over 50 people are showing flu symptoms at Camp Sabra.The camp is located on State Road Y-20 in rural Morgan County just outside of the city of Rocky Mount.The camp serves children of the Jewish faith.A Camp Sabra spokesperson says that at the time of the outbreak around 250 campers and nearly 100 workers were living at the camp. The camp director told KRCG that the current population of campers arrived Monday, June 15 with the first reported illness on Friday.Officials from Missouri's Department of Health and Senior Services arrived over the weekend to administer tests.Even before the tests confirmed it was the H1N1, the camp decided to send everyone home. The camp's spokeswoman says that campers boarded buses for home early Monday morning, with children showing flu-like symptoms in one bus and non-symptomatic kids separated in other buses.KRCG news has learned that the largest group of campers came from the Dallas, Tex. area.Officials say other large groups came from the St. Louis and Kansas City areas.

Some of the camp's 100 workers also became ill. Camp leaders said that the sickness is lasting between 24 to 36 hours and included normal "flu like symptoms".The summer camp will completely shut down for one week with hopes to reopen June 30.