Update: Fetus bone found with possible Gillibrand remains

Update: Tuesday, Jan. 4 at 3:15 p.m.:

Officials confirmed a fetus bone was found with the remains that are believed to belong to Kinga Gillibrand. Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman told KRCG a forensic pathologist identified the bone.

It was believed that Gillibrand was pregnant at the time she disappeared. Heitman said the finding is a big step in confirming the remains belong to her.

An autopsy found multiple gunshot wounds in the torso of the remains.Heitman said the sheriff TMs department is still waiting on DNA results, but he expects those soon. If the DNA results show the remains belonged to Gillibrand, he said her death certificate would list homicide as the cause of death.

Terry Fritz, Gillibrand TMs boyfriend, is charged with 1st degree murder in her death.

He TMs currently being held in the Maries County jail. Fritz appeared in a Texas County courtroom on Tuesday to try to move to the Texas County jail so he could be closer to family. A judge denied that request.

Sheriff Heitman said the jury trial is expected to start in August.

Update: Tuesday Nov. 16 at 6 p.m.:

Tuesday morning Darin Lackman was deer hunting in rural Maries County off of County Road 215.

He said, I got off the four-wheeler and saw the white blanket. He opened up the bed sheets and discovered a human skeleton. He said, at first he thought it was a child's remains because it was so small. Lackman said he called authorities immediately.

Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman said, Evidence leads us to believe its the remains of Kinga Gillibrand.

Lackman said this past weekend some of his hunting buddies drove by the crime scene several times and wondered what was laying in the woods but didn't bother to investigate. He said they figured the wind had blown something out of the shed and into the woods.

Sheriff Heitman says they searched the property a number of times mainly concentrating their search on the South side of the road. The remains were found just about a hundred feet on the North side of the small private country lane.

Had Channel 13 not covered the fact that I wanted deer hunters to canvas the area and take an extra effort to look for remains its possible we may not have found her. Heitman said.

Police concentrated on the 277 acre property because the suspect, Terry Fritz and Gillibrand used to swim in the property's three acre lake. Fritz's parents were also the caretakers for the property until they resigned in June.

Heitman says evidence found at the scene links the remains to evidence found at Fritz's home.

Update: Tuesday Nov. 16 at 4 p.m.:

I believe that we have found the remains of Kinga Gillibrand who was shot and killed at her residence near rural Meta, Missouri on or about June 8, 2010, Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman said in news release. I thought deer hunters were our last hope to finding her remains, and I appreciate the media TMs coverage advising the public to search for her. Without this coverage we may not have found her. We located additional evidence at the scene where Gillibrand was found.

Heitman said the sheets and the comforter found with the remains are linked to Gillibrand TMs home, which is believed to be the murder scene.

Prosecutors charged Terry Fritz with the first degree murder of Kinga Gillibrand. According to the probable cause statement, investigators found spattered blood that was tested positive to be Gillibrand TMs blood at her home in Meta. Investigators also found a bullet hole in the mattress. After removing the mattress, police found a small caliber slug. ( Read more )

I feel we have a very strong case against Fritz, and finding the remains of Gillibrand only makes our case that much stronger, Heitman said in a news release.

Fritz is being held in Maries County Jail on a $500,000 bond. ( Read more )

This brings some closure to this case, and I am happy to finally provide Gillibrand with the proper burial she deserves, Heitman said in the news release. Gillibrand TMs family deserved this, more importantly Kinga deserved this.

Update: Tuesday Nov. 16 at 2:29 p.m.:

Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman said the remains are being moved to Farmington, Mo. for an autopsy.

The hunter who found the remains said two of his friends drove pass the spot all weekend and noticed something suspicious. The hunter drove by the spot Tuesday morning and decided to check out area.

The hunter said the remains were covered up in sheets and a comforter, which were dirty and bloody. At first, the hunter thought it was a child TMs body because it looked small.

The hunter unwrapped the remains a little and found a bone sticking out, which made him think it was an animal TMs body. When the hunter pulled on the wrappings a little more, he found that the bone was an arm.

Heitman would not comment on cause of death.

Investigators said the 227 acre property where the body was found belonged to a woman who died three years ago.

Terry Fritz, the man charged with first degree murder of Kinga Gillibrand, had family who were caretakers of the property. Fritz TMs family quit in June, around the time Gillibrand went missing.

Fritz and Gillibrand were known for swimming in the 3-acre lake located south of 215 County Road. Investigators searched the south side of the road when they were looking Gillibrand TMs body.

The hunter found the remains 100 feet north of the road.

Update: Tuesday Nov. 16 at 12:55 p.m.:

Maries County deputies are processing a scene where hunters found remains.

A hunter was driving by on his 4-wheeler when saw, what he thought, was the remains of a white tale deer. When the hunter got closer, he saw that the remains were covered in sheets and bones were sticking out.

Three police cars and a morgue van are at the scene on County Road 215.

A Maries County Deputy said that search teams were searching on the south side of the road. The remains were found on the north side of the road.

There is no confirmation that the body belongs to Kinga Gillibrand.

Update: Tuesday Nov. 16 at 10:10 a.m.: Deer hunters may have stumbled upon the body of a missing Maries County woman.Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman said deer hunters reported finding human remains around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.The sheriff said it is very possible the remains are those of Kinga Gillibrand. But the sheriff cautioned that it hasn't been confirmed if the remains are even human or if they are those of Gillibrand.The deer hunters reported finding the body on County Road 215 in Maries County. Heitman said the area is in the vicinity of where Gillibrand lived.Investigators believe Gillibrand was shot and killed by her boyfriend in June, 2010.Heitman was in Jefferson City when he got word of the deer hunters' discovery and immediately headed to the scene to investigate.KRCG has a crew heading to the scene and will bring you updates. Original Story, Monday Nov. 8, 2010:

Maries County Sheriff TMs Office is asking for help from hunters in the search for Kinga Gillibrand TMs body.

The 35-year-old was allegedly shot and killed by her boyfriend Terry Fritz, who is being held in Maries County Jail.

Gillibrand went missing in early June.

Police arrested Fritz in July after pieces of evidence were found at his home.

Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman said in a news release that he believes Gillibrand's body is still in the Meta area.

Heitman is asking hunters to canvass the area they are hunting. If people notice something suspicious, they should call the sheriff TMs office at 573-422-3381.