Update: Bus accident victim undergoes surgery

Update: Tuesday, Feb. 8 at 4 p.m.: The 14-year-old boy who was struck by a bus in Laurie was in Surgery on Tuesday. Police Chief Shane Edwards said the boy is having metal plates put into one of his ankles and will be hospitalized for an undetermined amount of time.Edwards also said the 5-year-old girl has casts on her legs and is in a wheel chair. She could be released as early as Wednesday.Edwards said he has had reports from parents and people on the bus who believe the children were struck and did not slip on ice as Edwards previously reported. He said police are investigating the claims, but that he still believes the children slipped on the ice and fell under the bus.

Update: Monday, Feb. 7 at 6:00 p.m.: Parents of students on the bus are telling us a very different story about what happened on the school bus accident.Parents said their children were telling the bus driver that the children were next to the bus and he did not stop for them. Parents also said this is not the first time they have had problems with the bus driver. One parent said he has contacted the school district four times about the conduct of the bus driver.

Update: Monday, Feb. 7 at 4:20 p.m.: KRCG is trying to find out what happened at the Laurie Mall this morning when two kids were struck by a bus.The Morgan County School District said the brother and sister were running along-side the bus. When the bus circled into the parking lot, the school district said the kids were struck.Laurie Police Chief Shane Edwards said witnesses reported that the children were close to the bus and the driver did not see them when he circled back into the lot. He said the sister was pulled under the bus and the brother was trying to pull her from underneath the bus when his leg got underneath the tire.Edwards said both children have broken legs as a result of the incident and that the boy's leg will require surgery and ongiong treatment.He said in a release that the boy is a hero and should be commended for his efforts to save his sister.

Orignal Story:

A brother and sister are being treated in a Lake-area emergency room after being run over by a school bus in Morgan County.The boy, 14, and the girl, 5, were dropped off by their mother at the Laurie Terrace Mall parking lot so they could be picked-up by a bus from the Morgan County R-II School District.The mall parking lot was not their normal bus stop, according to Laurie City Police Chief Shane Edwards.Edwards said the children TMs regular bus from the Morgan County R-II school in Versailles could not reach their home because of snow on the road.This appears to be a horrible accident, Edwards said. We don TMt expect any criminal charges to be filed.The bus driver told police that he was unaware that the boy and girl were in the parking lot and that he started to drive away.The brother and sister started running after the bus and the kids already on the bus alerted the driver to the situation, according to Edwards.The bus driver started to circle around to pick up the siblings when police believe the boy and girl slipped and were run over by the rear wheels of the bus, Edwards told KRCG.The bus driver told police he didn't see the kids.Both were taken by Ambulance to Lake Region Health System in Osage Beach.Edwards said the boy appeared to have major injuries to his leg.The girl did not have any visible injuries but was complaining of leg pain, according to Edwards.