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      Update: Baby Kira released from hospital, recovering from beating

      Allen D. Ragan is charged with assaulting his infant daughter.

      Update: Monday March 16 12:00 p.m. :

      A Jefferson City man accused of beating his newborn daughter appeared in court this morning.

      Allen Ragan was formally arraigned today. He faces child abuse charges against his newborn daughter.

      Cole County prosecutor Mark Richardson says Ragan plead not guilty.

      A jury trial will be set for June 2nd.

      His baby, Kira Ragan was beaten in February.

      She spent more than two weeks in a St. Louis hospital after suffering head injuries and a broken leg.

      Update: Friday Feb. 20 3:30 p.m. : Kira Ragan's mother called KRCG to report that baby Kira has been released from the hospital and is back home in Jefferson City.The mother, Lexi Garcia, says that one month old Kira is doing well and did not sustain any permanent injuries from the February 1st beating.Kira spent 19 days at Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center in St. Louis. Thursday Update, 3:30 p.m. :Family friends report that 2-week old Kira Ragan is being weaned off of the breathing machine.One friend says that despite a a brain contusion, a broken femur, and three broken ribs, Kira "appears to be doing better."The friend said that Kira's mother, Lexi Garcia, wishes to thank everyone for their support at this difficult time. Wednesday Update:

      The father of a newborn currently being treated for broken bones and a head injury appeared in court Wednesday. Cole County Prosecutor Mark Richardson says Allen D. Ragan, 18, of Jefferson City was assigned a public defender and will appear in court again Feb. 10.

      Meanwhile, two-week-old Kira Ragan remains in critical condition at at Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center in St. Louis. Police say she was beat by her father on Superbowl Sunday.

      The baby's mother tells KRCG that Kira was not breathing on her own Tuesday. Richardson says doctors will try to take Kira off the respirator this week.

      Allen Ragan is being held at the Cole County jail on charges of felony child abuse, second-degree assault, and endangering the welfare of a child. Police say those charges will be upgraded if Kira doesn't pull through.

      "If we have to deal with issues where the child does take a turn for the worse, there certainly are a number of options in terms of which way we could go with things, possibly even homicide charges for the suspect," says Jefferson City Police Capt. Doug Shoemaker.

      Investigators believe Ragan and the two-week old baby's mother, Lexi, returned home from a Super Bowl party Sunday. Authorities say Lexi then left the infant with Ragan while she visited a friend.

      Police say it was then that Ragan beat the girl, leaving her with a broken leg and severe head injuries. Court documents allege Ragan did not call 911 even though his daugher was bleeding and having trouble breathing. Because he did not call, Ragan's child endangerment charge is increased to a felony.

      Neighbors at the public housing area where the incident took place seem to have mixed feelings about Ragan and what really happened.

      "Allen never appeared to be violent. Never at all," says friend and neighbor Donisha Epps.

      Neighbors on Elizabeth Street say Ragan was excited to be a new dad and they can't believe the news.

      "It's crazy because my daughter was just born on the 16, so being a new father myself, it's...I never would picture him doing that to her," says friend Stephen Hardin.

      Donisha Epps and her sisters heard baby Kira's mother, Lexi, scream out that her baby wasn't breathing as she ran down the stairs to their apartment.

      "When Lexi brought the child down, the child had on no clothes; nothing but a diaper. No socks, no anything," says Epps. "She was blue, like a purplish, blue color with little bitty dots on her body. Blood running from the child's nose, eyes not open at all."

      Two eye witnesses from Sunday night's events say Ragan was drinking.

      "Allen was under the influence that night," says Epps. "When they brought the lifeless child down, Allen gave us a liquor bottle to disclose (sic) so that the authorities wouldn't get ahold of it."

      Friends and neighbors say Ragan and Lexi were always fighting. One neighbor has said that they were even fighting before the ambulance showed up, leaving questions to what really happened in Apartment D that night

      "I still got my doubts about the whole story," says Hardin.

      "It was completely silent and that's not normal coming from Apartment D," says Epps.

      KRCG followed up Tuesday afternoon with Cole County Prosecutor Mark Richardson to find out if Kira's mother was a suspect. Richardson says a detective is with her at the hospital in St. Louis, but that she is being questioned as a mother, not as a suspect.

      Our FactFinder team checked the criminal history of Allen Ragan. You may remember the Amber Alert arrest that occured in July of last year in the Capital City. Ragan was the person driving the car that was carrying the 18-month-old that was the subject of the alert. Ragan took off on foot after the vehicle pursuit and was quickly caught by Jefferson City police. He was placed on probabtion.

      Previous Update:

      The mother of a beaten newborn baby says her daughter is still not breathing on her own. We now know the name of the Jefferson City baby clinging to life after authorities say her 18-year-old father beat her.

      Baby Kira Ragan is at the Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center in St. Louis being treated for a broken leg, and head injuries. Her father Allen Ragan is facing child abuse and assault charges.

      Court documents show that Allen Ragan was already on probation and now faces charges for felony child abuse, second-degree assault, and endangering the welfare of a child. Those charges stem from Ragan's involvement in an Amber Alert back in July 2008.

      Authorities say Ragan was behind the wheel of a car carrying an 18-month-old wanted in an Amber Alert.

      Original Story:

      A Jefferson City man is in jail charged with beating his newborn daughter so severely she is on life support.

      The prosecutor has charged 18-year-old Allen D. Ragan with injuring his 2-week-old daughter while he was alone with her and another child. Ragan was already on probation and now faces charges for felony child abuse, second-degree assault, and endangering the welfare of a child.

      Investigators believe Ragan and the baby's mother returned to an apartment on Elizabeth St. after a Super Bowl party. The mother left Ragan alone with the child. It was then police believe Ragan hurt the 2-week-old girl, leaving her with a broken leg, and head injuries.

      The probable cause statement describes the injuries as a femur fracture, swelling of skull, contusion to brain, and bruising to the left neck, left chin and left ear, both front and back.

      The newborn was not breathing when officers first arrived.

      The second child with Ragan, who was 1-and-half-years-old was not injured.

      Court documents allege Ragan did not call 911 even though his daughter was bleeding and having trouble breathing. The baby is identified in court documents only by her initials K. R.

      She was taken by ambulance to St. Mary's Hospital then transferred to Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center in St. Louis where she remains on life support.