Update: 28 dogs rescued from 'pet hoarder'

Update Jan. 6:

A follow up to those dogs that were rescued from freezing conditions in Montgomery County.The Central Missouri Human Society rescued 28 dogs from a woman described as a "pet hoarder."The humane society is now looking for homes for the dogs, which are small breeds and already spayed or neutered.

Original story:

More than two dozen pets, found neglected in the bitter cold have been warming up at the animal shelter in Columbia.Twenty-eight dogs were seized Monday by the Missouri Department of Agriculture from a house in Middletown. They include a variety of Poodles, Chihuahuas, Beagle/Labrador mixes and other, mostly small dog breeds.The owner of the dogs has not been identified, but voluntarily gave them up to offer them new homes. Eighteen more large breed dogs will be taken later and also put up for adoption. Most of the animals are in good condition and were living outside in a shelter, but were left without fresh water.The case is a reminder to all pet owners about the dangers of the cold weather. "Pets need straw, and water, it freezes very quickly so make sure it always has fresh water," said Karen Jenning with the Jefferson City Animal Shelter.Some tips include keeping water from freezing by keeping it in a heavy plastic bowl rather a metal one, and don't forget to feed an outside pet more in the winter so their bodies have more fuel to keep warm.