University to hand over health records in murder case

Paul Plunkett

University of Missouri health officials will have to turn over some health records after a ruling in court Tuesday.

A judge in Callaway County ordered them to hand over information on Paul Plunkett, who was killed on New Yearâ??s Day 2011. His wife, Sandra Plunkett, is in jail charged with his death.

Paul Plunkett was at home recovering from surgery when he was shot to death. Itâ??s not clear if information regarding that procedure is part of the documents UM Health must submit.

University officials tried to block the request, but failed.

Sandra Plunkett is charged with first degree murder. Her trial will be held in Callaway County with a jury coming from Buchanan County.

A date for the trial has not been set.

Plunkett has pleaded not guilty.