Underage drinking down in Mid-Missouri

During this prom and upcoming graduation season underage drinking is more of a concern than ever.

Joy Sweeney is a mom, and Jefferson City School Board member. We asked her if she thinks teen drinking is on the rise? She said, "Well actually no, its been just the opposite, so thats great news that our efforts to educate the students are effective".

But the reality is your teenagers could very easily attend an under age drinking party this prom and graduation season. Alcohol is cheap and accessible. But here in Jefferson City, Sweeney said kids are bucking the trend, "They are definitely making an effort to be smarter and they're even being more vocal to their peers and their friends.

Captain John Wheeler with the Cole County Sheriff's Department agreed, "the numbers are down, people are making better choices it seems like, you got to remember too, with the law that's in place now, the minor in possession by consumption, and also with the 'Use Abuse laws' in place it makes it a lot more stringent".

Wheeler said if a minor is caught is possession, or even with intoxicants on their breath, they could lose their license and they don't have to be driving to get in trouble.

The Sheriff's Department said if parents are planning a weekend away, make sure you make plans for your teens to be supervised. A lot of underage parties they bust are because parents are out of town and leave their teen home alone.