UM students share knowledge with lawmakers

Dozens of University of Missouri undergraduate students from across the state shared their knowledge with the Missouri Legislature.

Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol gives students a chance to teach lawmakers about their school projects.

Undergraduate researchers from all 4 University of Missouri campuses set up displays inside the State Capitol Building. Students work outside of the classroom with their professors in hopes of making breakthrough discoveries. Mizzouâ??s Sarah Smith is developing a better way to heal wounds.

Smith said, â??You do all of the research and youâ??re like, does it matter? Then you get to talk about it. People are like, thatâ??s real cool! Youâ??re like, yes it is!â??

Senate Majority Floor Leader Tom Dempsey took time out of his busy schedule to check out some of the student projects.

Dempsey said, â??When you are talking to these kids, you can really get a sense for their passion for their research projects. Theyâ??re doing a great job.â??

Students weâ??re thrilled to have discussions with their state representatives and senators on a one on one basis. MU Senior Drew Sawyer is working on a new drug therapy for aids. His project deals with lots of scientific and biological terms.

Sawyer said, â??If you break it down and see when they are kind of getting lost, you try to get them back. When you explain things they normally come around.â??

Whether itâ??s working Aids, growing better plants or improving health care, all of these projects have the potential to help people all over the world.

Many of the undergraduate students will present their research at regional and national conferences.