Two men on the run after bank robbery

Two men who held up and shot-up a bank in Western Missouri could be on the run in Mid-Missouri after police find their getaway car in Boonville.

"I observed that the passenger raise up what I'd call an assault rifle and began firing upon my car, Johnson County Sheriff's Dept. Cpl. Jeff Parsons said.

The two white men armed with assault rifles robbed a Farmers and Commercial Bank in Holden, Missouri. Police chased the men who fired a rifle at police.

No one was hurt, but, the gunfire knocked both patrol cars out of the chase.

Hours later, police found the robber's ditched getaway car, that had been set on fire.

Police say the men then stole a woman's truck. That truck was found in the Missouri River off of Highway 40 near Boonville.

Police don't know where the men are and say they are to be considered armed and dangerous.