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      Two Men Arrested During High Speed Chase

      Smoke started coming from the engine of the stolen truck and it stalled near Columbiaâ??s Lake of the Woods exit.

      UPDATE: July 10, 2003 5:00 p.m.

      Authorities said Kendell Jones, 21, and Kyle Hopson, 21, traveled at speeds near 100 miles per hour during the pursuit along Highway 54 and Interstate 70.

      Callaway County Prosecutor Chris Wilson said Hopson was the driver and Jones was the passenger in the stolen truck.

      Hopson faces charges of first degree tampering of an unlawfully operating vehicle, resisting a lawful stop and numerous traffic violations.

      Wilson charged Jones with second degree tampering of an unlawfully operating vehicle.

      Wilson expects their first court appearance to be this Friday.


      Authorities arrested two men in a stolen truck during a high speed chase through Mid-Missouri Wednesday morning.Jefferson City police officers spotted a stolen truck from St. Louis Wednesday morning around 8 a.m.The two men drove the truck from Jefferson City through Callaway County on Highway 54.Callaway County deputies and Missouri Highway Patrol troopers then chased the stolen truck on Interstate 70 through Boone County.The two men avoided spike strips on the interstate.Smoke started coming from the engine of the stolen truck and it stalled near Columbiaâ??s Lake of the Woods exit.Both men were arrested at the scene.Callaway County Sheriffâ??s Department investigator Bob Smith said, â??The top speeds got up close to 100 miles per hour. They mainly ranged around 90 miles per hour. In the Kingdom City area, the vehicle started going northbound in the southbound lanes all the way through the Kingdom City intersection. They then went on to I-70.â??Units from the Callaway County Sheriffâ??s Department, the Missouri Highway Patrol and the Jefferson City, Columbia and Fulton Police Departments were involved with this morningâ??s high speed chase.Authorities plan to release the names of the suspects later today.