Two Jefferson City groups said Prop A is bad idea

The Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce and Board of Realtors called on voters to reject Proposition A, next Tuesday.

Prop A, would do away with mandatory fees for city-wide trash pick-up.

KRCG's Fact Finder team was there today to find out why Prop A is such an important issue.

The Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce and Board of Realtors both said Prop A is a bad idea.

"Since we've had the recycling program and the new trash service, many young people are now saying that we've brought Jefferson City into the 21st century. So I think this is a really big deal for young people and for our progressive community, Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce Randy Allen said.

"We just feel that going about it the way we are by canceling this contract, it's just going to cost everyone more money. There really isn't much, if any gain that can possibly come from it, Jefferson City Board or Realtors Eric Schulte said.

If Prop A passes it would give Jefferson City residents the option to what ever trash service they could use, but if doesn TMt pass the city's trash service will remain the same.

One main sticking point of the current trash service is that all residents pay the same fee, regardless of whether the resident actually uses the trash or recycling services.

"I TMm going to vote yes because the contract or agreement, whatever you want to call it is not in my best interest. It doesn't take in consideration my status, Jefferson City Resident John Ross said.

Ross said he wants the choice of which trash service he uses.

Eric Shulte with the board of realtors agrees the current system could be tweaked, but said it's not a reason to do away with it all-together.

"We understand that there might be some people that don't need full time trash service. The trash service and the city probably would work with some of these residents a little bit, if we could do something that makes sense, Schulte said.

Jefferson City Mayor John Landwehr wants residents to reject the proposition.

He said that breaking the contract with Allied Waste could be costly.

"So for all kinds of reasons, it's really necessary to vote no to keep the system in place and avoid a significant legal liability if we break the contract, Jefferson City's Mayor John Landwehr said.

Landwehr adds that the current system has increased recycling and virtually eliminated illegal dumping.

Tell us how you plan to vote on Proposition A. Are you going to vote yes or no?