Two hospitalized after suspicious odor in Holts Summit

Holts Summit Police say the resident was mixing household chemicals in his bathtub in a poorly ventilated bathroom, which made him ill. A Holts Summit Police officer was also made ill by the odor.

An apartment complex on Spalding Road in Holts Summit is back open to residents after being evacuated for a suspicious odor Sunday afternoon.

According to Holts Summit Police, a 32 year-old man at The Courtyard Apartments was sickened by a chemical odor coming from inside his ground-level apartment. When police arrived to investigate the odor, an officer became dizzy as well.

The Cole County HAZMAT team was called into investigate the source of the odor. Both the resident and the officer were taken to Capital Region Medical Center for examination.

Crews were on scene for about three hours before determining that the resident was mixing household chemicals in his bathtub and became ill because the room was not well ventilated.

Marc Haycook of the Holts Summit Police Department advises residents to always be careful when mixing cleaning products.

"Read, read, and read the warning labels on your chemicals," Haycook said. "You've got a simple household chemical when mixed with another simple household chemical... can cause an issue."

Police say this incident was not related to any illegal drugs.