Tweetdeck hacked; change your password now

Someone hacked the Twitter app. Tweetdeck Wednesday morning, creating confusing worldwide.

Tweetdeck, a web-based social media management tool that allows users to navigate on Twitter easily, was hacked Wednesday morning, causing confusion from the White House to the BBC.

USA Today advises users of Tweetdeck to log out of all forms of it immediately, and then go to their computer's application settings and revoke access from the app. You should change your password immediately.

If no action is taken, a malicious code can steal your personal information from your computer.

The newspaper reports that the application became vulnerable after a code fix that was supposed to plug a security vulnerability failed.

Users reported retweeted posts which included a small, red heart and unintelligible text.

The hacking affected organizations around the world, including the BBC, the White House, and several major American newspapers, as well as millions of personal users.

There is no indication as to who is responsible for the hacking, but many retweets contained the names "Andy," "Someone Actually," and "Louis Kielbasa."